Quote/Unquote: "Infant Arms" by Everything Absent or Distorted (a love story)

All right, how many times have you been bopping along, minding your own business, listening to some tunes, when all of the sudden, you'll hear a line in a song that instantly makes you do a double-take? You know, the ones where you keep rewinding the sucker, marveling aloud to no one in particular, "Wait, hold on...did he just...? No way! Awesome!" Yeah? Us, too, which is precisely what inspired Quote/Unquote. Periodically, we spotlight a few lines in a song that stuck out to us, be it a couplet, a quatrain or a few stanzas -- however many lines in takes to get the point across. This week, "Infant In Arms" by Everything Absent or Distorted (a love story), an act who played its farewell show at the Bluebird a few weeks ago.

Taken from the act's just released swan song, The Lucky One, which was recorded by Xandy Whitesal and Colin Bricker at Notably Fine Audio, "Infant Arms" is definitely the standout track for us. Although slightly less bombastic and exuberant than the band's past efforts (which, incidentally, include this final one's predecessor, The Great Collapse, a title that perhaps unwittingly presaged the ending of this storied band), the album it comes from is by no means any less compelling. In fact, in some regards this is the outfit's most accomplished work to date, particularly from a lyrical standpoint, and particularly on this track. Every time we spin the record, the following quatrain stops us in dead in our tracks. Every time. There's just something intriguing about the notion that we're really nothing more than firewood, deflating certainly, but intriguing nonetheless. (If you haven't already, download the entire EP on the act's blog). Needless to say, the scene is going to seem notably less vibrant in the absence of this great group.

I wish God would keep his word,
turn us into firewood,
carry all our smiles like knives,
lifting cake out of our eyes.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.