Reader: "Best interview I've read in a long time."

If we'd have known that smoking a doobie with someone would enhance our interviews, we probably would've done it a long time ago. In case you missed it yesterday, in honor of the recently passed Amendment 64, the much ballyhooed legislation that will legalize marijuana for recreational use, we recently got stoned with the members of Wheelchair Sports Camp and chatted them up about all things mary jane, from the first time they toked up to their thoughts on the prospect of trees now being legal. It was the first in an ongoing series, and according to Shezus, who left our comment of the day, it was rather insightful.

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I rarely comment on articles but this one was AWESOME. Best interview I've read in a long time. Made my laugh, made my smile, and although I'm honestly not a fan of this band's music, this Q&A did give me a whole new appreciation for who they are and what they do.

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