Reader: I don't know who came up with the name 'Phil the Fan'

The news of Phil "The Fan" Hamon's passing attracted a tidal wave of comments and memories about the Denver music scene staple. Thoughtful words, funny anecdotes and general goodwill filled the comment section of our post (read them all here: "R.I.P. Phillip "Phil The Fan" Hamon III") as soon as it was published on June 27.

But where did Hamon's nickname -- "The Fan" -- come from? Not even former Westword music editor Laura Bond, who wrote a lauded profile of Hamon in 2000 ("Shine On"), knew. Read her comment below.

I don't know who came up with the name Phil the Fan. Was it Phil himself, or someone impressed by the depth of his devotion to local music? Either way, it's really beautiful, especially when you broaden it: Phil the Fan of people, of life, of himself, too. To be a fan is to admire, to appreciate and to adore. And to adore is to love. That is quite a way to go through life.

If you know the story behind the late Hamon's nickname -- or just have a good theory -- let us know.

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