Reader: Is Live Nation's $20 Ticket Deal Too Good to Be True?

Fans outside the Kesha concert at the Fillmore Auditorium.
Fans outside the Kesha concert at the Fillmore Auditorium. Brandon Marshall
Earlier this week, Westword announced that Live Nation would be launching National Concert Week on Monday, April 30, and to celebrate, the promoter would be offering $20 tickets for 2,000-plus concerts this summer. Most readers responded with enthusiasm, while a few were cautious, raising concerns about ticketing issues ranging from bots to high online fees.

Rachel speculates:
I'm sure the ticket bots will get their hands on 90 percent of them.
Jessica offers a more optimistic assessment:
Yay, maybe this will offset the thousands of tickets bots are buying.
Then there's this from Larissa:
Wooot! 20 dollar Tickets with 38 dollars in fees! ????
Adds Naomi: 
Sounds too good to be true!
But most readers were too busy checking out the list of artists including in the deal to comment. Read on for more stories about ticketing and bots.

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