Reader: "Is this all you have to bitch about?"

Just before the weekend, we noticed that a new Jerry Garcia mural had been painted over Tommy Nahulu's iconic rendering of Johnny Cash on the east wall of the former Bender's Tavern on 13th, now the current home of Quixote's. We posted a short item about the piece on Friday that drew a flurry of vitriolic comments on our Facebook page. Among the more colorful comments, Zachary Helm offered: "Kinda like replacing the Last Supper with a bunch of dogs playing poker," while Phil Milleville opined that the Garcia rendering on the bathroom wall at the last Quixote's was better. The whole thing clearly struck a nerve with the community, everybody except for perhaps Loaded, who left our Comment of the Day, demanding, "Is this all you have to bitch about?"

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Who fucking cares? Seriously? With all the SHIT that has been happening in Denver this really such a serious issue?? So a stupid hippy bar painted over this worse than Hickenlooper suporting local fracking? Or the police brutality issues that have been completely swept under the rug? Or the massive rise in crime over the past year? Really? Is this all you have to bitch about?

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