Reader: "Well, that was easy! I've got these tickets in the bag fa sho."

Yesterday, we wrangled up totally adorable photos (look at those fat cheeks! eeek!) of an assortment of musicians performing at Saturday's Westword Music Showcase. We've got three pairs of tickets that we're giving away to anyone who can correctly match the photos to the musicians -- at least one of the photos. (There's still time to enter if you haven't yet; we'll pick the winners at random tomorrow from the correct answers.) Some guesses have been close, while others were way off. The most entertaining so far is from commenter Batte A:

1. YLT's Georgia Hubley

2. Del tha Funkee Homosapien

3. One of the dudes from The Sword

4. Another dude from The Sword

5. The dude in the bottom left of this picture of Boulder Acoustic Society:

6. ...local DJ?

7. Clearly the kid from #6.

8. Brandon Whalen of My Body Sings Electric (You're at least one of these guys, right?)

9. I give up.

10. I'm just gonna say this is Chromeo because that would be cool.

11. Air Dubai's Jon Shockness

Well, that was easy! I've got these tickets in the bag fa sho.

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