Ready to get your ass kicked at Knowcase?

The Westword Music Knowcase, that all-music pub quiz we conned Geeks Who Drink into creating so we could kick some asses, is shaping up awesomely -- for us. We've got word that some of the best music minds in Denver are coming to play. Too bad for the rest of you losers they're all playing on our team.

We've got a couple of jazz guys, a frightening amount of metal expertise, some pop lovers, a staggering degree of punk knowledge, a deep understanding of the rise and fall of disco, two statisticians and an amateur piano tuner on our team. Also, me, who knows a lot about science fiction musicals, songs about zombies and Blue Oyster Cult. None of that is likely to come up, but I do have a trivial mind, and I can drink my own weight in cheap beer, which is a good trait at a pub quiz.

So what are we facing? The staffs of Reverb, the Donnybrook Writing Academy and Twist & Shout, so far. Yeah, as if. Our team of super-nerds will form together into a giant, Voltron-like trivia robot, leaving those other teams to form into inferior Japanese-style robots. And Voltron was a fucking lion, so when they turn into some kind of turtle or duck robot, they are screwed.

Who else are we facing? Well, hopefully you. That's right, Mr or Mrs. Anonymous commenter who accuses us of not knowing shit. Time to put your money where your mouth is. You can even wear a bag over your head to protect your identity. You'll want to after the shaming our pop-culture trivia beatdown will leave on you. And any other music business people that want to represent (c'mon radio station people, club staff and bands -- ante up!) and get humiliated at the hands of Westword, too. We're coming to chew bubble gum and kick ass -- and we're not even bringing any bubble gum.

Oh, we're also coming to drink. It is a pub quiz after all. Maybe if you buy us a lot of drinks, we'll get so sloppy we screw up. Hey, it's worth a shot, since it's your only shot.

See you there, losers.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.