Real is a Feeling flier is your brain's test pattern

What happens in your brain in that space between waking and sleep, when thoughts cease to flow but dreams are still yet to arrive? We don't know, because we're music bloggers, not brainologists, but we're thinking it's some kind of mental test pattern that looks a lot like this week's top flier.

This angular, brain-bending piece of design is pimping out Real is a Feeling, "Denver's new progressive danse night" at the Meadowlark. Danse? Okay. We're barely sure we know how to dance, much less danse. I guess we're not nearly progressive enough...

Odd spellings aside, we're really digging the abstract minimalism here. Lots of lines and shapes, a few splashes of color, some chunky text and ta-da! Flier of the week. Less can be more, and here, less is plenty awesome.

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