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Rearview: The week in review (1-5-09 - 1-9-09)

This was very active week for music in the three-oh-three. Hell of a lot of stuff going on. Put it this way, we feel like we earned that cold one we're about crack by blogging our backsides off. No really. I have no ass. Ask around. I'm all front, no back. Of course, that could also just be the curse of the fatman. Where was I... oh, yeah, so, from checking out and weighing in on the Fray's show at the Gothic to having the pleasure of delivering news of Havok's (pictured above) new deal with Candle Light Records and word of the Pirate Signal's choice gig at Sundance, we had no shortage of things to write about. Missed a day? No worries. After the jump we've compiled handy list of links to this week's blog items. As my old buddy Dan Mitchell would say, have a weekend. -- Dave Herrera

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