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Rearview: The Week in Review (10/18/08-10/24/08)

Enjoy a free Dr. Pepper, thanks to Guns 'N' Roses finally getting their shit together

Here's a guide to all the excellent content you might have overlooked on Backbeat Online this week, while you were busy dealing with the dual shocks of hearing that not only would the eternally delayed Guns 'N' Roses Chinese Democracy album be released, but that Dr. Pepper would actually honor the promise they made to give away a free Dr. to every man, woman and child in America if it ever happened...

We caught some great shows this week, and brought you reports about performances from Sasha, Kings of Leon, Dressy Bessy and Steve Lawler. We also had some nice photos from those, and other club shows too.

Now that you've caught up on some past shows, look forward to these awesome weekend shows. Catch CD release madness from ManeLine and Only Thunder or get all political when Ben Harper plays a show to boost Obama on Saturday.

Big news for some local acts that are blowing up nationally. The Flobots got certified platinum in sales recently and 3Oh!3 debuted a wacky loincloth-festooned video.

Moving from big news to bad news, we looked at the recent spate of deaths in the Denver music scene and said, "Okay, God, enough."

The Friday Rap-Up featured locals On Point, plus the usual batch of hip-hop headlines.

In his weekly blast, Mile High Makeout mused on the serendipity of stumbling upon something special.

Finally, we asked questions and got answers from hot dance artist Diplo.

-- Cory Casciato

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