Rearview: The Week in Review (11/8/08-11/14/08)

If his music is half as good as his acting, expect his album to be punishingly bad

Here's a round up of all the great content you might have missed this week on Backbeat Online while you were busy digging through your old CDs for Bruce Willis's album from the '80s after hearing that Kevin Costner has a CD of his own coming out...

We brought you show reviews for the Giraffes, Gang Gang Dance, Madonna and Rise Against. We also had some sweet pics from a Mickey Avalon show.

In other show news, we brought you a list of upcoming shows, including George Clinton and spilled the beans about a no-longer-secret show from Meese. We also had some show footage of members of dearly departed Vaux backing up Melissa Auf Der Mar and the good news (for DMB fans, anyway) that the Dave Matthews Band was going to release its set from the Mile High Music Fest.

It was a big week for free music here on Backbeat Online as we helped you top off your MP3 player with free tracks from Widowers, Park Pourbaix and Mama.

We delivered in-depth Q&A sessions with Ian Mackaye (Fugazi, Dischord, etc.) and Brandon Barnes of Rise Against.

We had lots of news for you. Paper Bird singed a new management deal, the Flobots got some recognition on NPR and Twelve Cents for Marvin called it quits.

We also had some info on new stuff from old favorites. We told you about the Fray using Lost to preview a new single and we delivered a sneak peek at a new Ghost Buffalo video.

Our top-notch columnists delivered their usual slices of awesome this week. Mile High Makeout reminded us to live in the moment, since THESE are the best days of our lives. Profound. Then, the Friday Rap-Up brought us up to speed on the doings of Suge Knight and other hip-hop heavyweights.

We found some funny stuff and delivered it to your home (computer) in the form of an evil Craigslist music ad (hail Satan!) and a flier that paired a T. Rex with everyone's favorite Alaskan governor/VP candidate.

Finally, in the "too late to be useful now" category, let me remind you that Madonna had an afterparty and 3OH!3 were on Carson Daly. See, that's why you need to check Backbeat Online every day, then you won't miss this stuff!

-- Cory Casciato

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