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Rearview: The Week in Review (8/2/08-8/8/08)

Call me daddy. No, really.

Here's a convenient and useful guide to all the wonderful content you might have missed this week on Backbeat Online while you were reeling from the shock and disbelief of discovering that Clay Aiken, of American Idol fame, has somehow managed to spawn, and is now a father. I know, I know...

The biggest, and saddest, news of the week is the death of Amy Fisher, which we reported on and you chimed in with a mighty flood of comments. It's pretty clear she'll be missed.

By now, you've certainly realized that Backbeat Online is the place to find your show reviews, and we didn't let you down this week. Sidle up and read all about shows from Eef Barzelay, Tickle Me Pink, Witchcraft, Pictureplane and quite a few more.

In other review news, we delivered another batch of 45 Second Reviews, including a look at the return of Rick Springfield.

You have questions? We have answers. Erm, actually, we have questions and answers, as in these Q&A sessions from Git Some and former Eagle Don Felder.

We delivered enough show announcements to choke a horse -- hell, two horses. Start with our usual weekly list of announcements (Deerhoof! Danzig! More!), then mosey over to the lowdown on an upcoming visit from Weezer. Ready for more? Brace yourself for a boatload of shows during the DNC, then put on your sad face for the news that Jakob Dylan isn't going to make it to Denver (but someone better is) -- details here. Finally, if you happen to read this within an hour after it goes up, you might still be able to make the last Machine Gun Blues show ever. That's right, the Gunners are out of ammo.

In honor of the date (8/8/08) we brought you eight great moments in the history of the indefatigable Roland TR-808 drum machine.

Our regular columnists chipped in some good stuff. Scratch and Dent Sale asked artists to make something useful for a change. Saving Grace looked at the one bright spot on Yes's execrable Tormato album. And the Rap-Up checked in with Julox and looked at some big hip-hop happenings.

Everyone wants money, but who got it this week? Look at Twist & Shout's weekly top sellers and you'll see where fans' dollars went. I'll give you a hint -- the Scientologists are going to get most of it.

Finally, the Apples in Stereo were on The Colbert Report, and we not only told you about it, we embedded the video. Go check it out.

-- Cory Casciato

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