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Rebecca Folsom reflects on the "Smoke and Tears" of the Fourmile Canyon Fire

Received a heartening update from Rebecca Folsom, whose plight we first shared during the devastating Fourmile Canyon fire a few weeks ago. Folsom and her family, as you might recall, faced moments of uncertainty during the fire when early word seemed to indicate that her home was destroyed by the blaze. Turns out those reports were erroneous and the Folsom home was one of four in the burn zone that was spared.

According to Folsom, the fire, which burned over 7,000 acres, stopped at the deck, just short of the house. The Folsom home sustained some damages, though, which the two are working to repair now. With any luck, they'll be back at home within a month or so. The news is probably a little bittersweet for Folsom, as some of her neighbors weren't quite as fortunate.

"My absolute love and care to those of you that lost homes," she writes. "My heart goes out to you! And all of us say THANK YOU to the firefighters that worked so hard to save what they could in the midst of a fire that blew in all directions and blew with a vengeance."

In the meantime, the couple has been staying in Niwot. Folsom penned a song about the harrowing ordeal titled "Smoke and Tears," which will be posted on her site sooon, and which she's planning on playing tomorrow night at Swallow Hill when she opens for Christine Lavin.

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