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Reader: Could Coronavirus Survive All the Smoke at Red Rocks?

No social distancing at the 2016 Global Dub Festival.
No social distancing at the 2016 Global Dub Festival. Miles Chrisinger
The 2020 Red Rocks season had initially been slated to start this week, but not only is the legendary amphitheatre closed — the entire park is off limits; the Easter Sunrise Service went virtual on April 12. And there will be no 4/20 shows.

Still, four concerts were left on the Red Rocks schedule for May just a few days ago. But then one of them, the Global Dub Festival, was pushed to October 25.

Now music fans are wondering what will be moved next. Says Teddy: 
You gotta be a special kind of stupid to think concerts are going on in May. Shows across the nation are cancelling till end of the year/early 2021. I'm lucky to see a show end of September.
Responds Amy: 
Hopeful for Bare Naked Ladies, Gin Blossoms and Toad the Wet Sprocket. Late June...if they don’t cancel, it should be my decision if I want to go or not.
Predicts Jeremy: 
I would not expect to see Red Rocks concerts until next year.
Adds Ed: 
The concert season is over until a vaccine. Very few states will be allowing gatherings over fifty for the next year.
But then there's this from Brent:
 Herd immunity is the only way we're going to tackle this. Open it all up and isolate those that are vulnerable.
And as Jenn notes: 
I don't think even coronavirus could survive in all the weed smoke at Red Rocks????????
Will the Global Dub Festival make it to Red Rocks on October 25? Electronic dance music fans certainly hope so, particularly those who were devastated when July's Global Dance Festival was canceled altogether.

"Gonna still be a blast though," wrote one fan. "Super stoked!"

What do you think will happen to the summer concert season? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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