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Reader: They Need to Beef Up Security at Red Rocks

Reader: They Need to Beef Up Security at Red Rocks
Brandon Marshall
A woman reported being sexually assaulted in a bathroom at Red Rocks Amphitheatre during the May 28 Film on the Rocks screening of Bohemian Rhapsody.

"The female was assaulted in the bathroom by a male described as being possibly Hispanic, 5’7” to 6’0” tall, dark hair, blue eyes, a stocky build, and had a tribal flower tattoo on his right forearm," according to a release from the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department, which is taking tips at 303-271-5612. "The suspect was wearing a dark colored shirt and possibly jeans during the attack."

Readers reacted quickly to the news. Says Ashley:
I’m so glad I moved out of this state. Things are only getting worse!
Responds Theresa: 
It could happen anywhere, not just Colorado.
Suggests Chris:
Red Rocks has turned into a cesspool.
Adds Andrea:
 They need to beef up security there. I mean I see them at the gates and the parking lot, and then right at the stage but nowhere in between.
Counters Jan: 
I feel safer at Red Rocks than I do at most indoor music venues in Denver. You just need to be alert.
And Sadie concludes: 
...that man should have never made it out of the bathroom. We should not be afraid to go pee by ourselves in a populated place. This is disgusting.
Keep reading for more on Red Rocks.
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