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Regret Night at Summit Music Hall, 11/28/10

with Caramel Carmela • SkyFox • Places
11.27.10 | Summit Music Hall

Regret Night headlined the Summit Music Hall on Saturday night after sets by Places, SkyFox and Caramel Carmela. The show didn't exactly bring out the biggest crowd, but with the holidays just passing, followed by Black Friday, it did pretty good. The face-to-face drums of Places, the heavy sound of Caramel Carmela, the tribute-to-when-sneaking-out-and-drinking-was-fun lyrics of SkyFox and the close out with Regret Night turned out to be fun and made for a rocking good time.

Caramel Carmela kicked things off with a decent build-up, but then the set pretty much came off the rails when the frontman's mike went out, prompting the bassist and one of the guitarists to take over. If this was deliberate, ouch. If the proxies were improvised, then it was a quick fix. Although the band has notable stage presence, the sound was just painful: The screaming, the singing, the technical difficulties and the random shout-outs all made for a tough listening experience.

SkyFox followed Caramel Carmela, and the guys came to party. For real. Talk about four dudes who really enjoy playing their music. The members of SkyFox came out full of smiles and full of energy, shouting out their biggest fans, all whom happened to be standing in the front row and yelling out songs to play. Like that really mattered. Whatever front man Johnny Hill would say, do, play, or probably even think, they cheered. "Churches," a teen-angsty track about how "I only go to church for the easy chicks/it's getting' easier all the time" sounded for all the world like a lost track from Dookie. What's more, Hill has the same style and swagger as Billy Joe Armstrong.

Regret Night helped the members of SkyFox unload their equipment as they set up their own gear, including a pair of banners on both sides of the stage, one reading "REGRET," the other "NIGHT." The band opened up with "Lost My Head, Hey Stupid," followed by "Take a Ride."

For whatever reason, the guys felt the need to offer up anecdotes between each song, and for some reason, many were tongue-in-cheek references to being gay. They were a lot of these references throughout the night from both SkyFox and Regret Night, perhaps because everything being "gay" is presumably funny -- or at least it is in high school sort of way, which is exactly the age group this sort of music appeals to.

With the clock ticking closer and closer to midnight, the crowd started to dwindle and Regret Night queued up "Build Me Up," which had part of the audience singing along. After playing the cover of Taio Cruz's "Dynomite!" Regret Night thanked everyone and closed with "Hailey Hey."

CRITIC'S NOTEBOOK Personal Bias: I'm not generally a huge fan of this kind of cheeky music. By The Way: "Dynomite!" cover was impeccable. Random Detail: Security kicked some kids off the couches in the lounge area for "lewd behavior." Little rapscallion trying to get him some at the show. Overheard at the Show: "That part when he was singing and not playing his bass, but you could hear the bass line..."

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