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For the third time this year, a Mötley Crüe member is Crüe-less in Colorado. Vince Neil is the band's latest bad boy to venture out on his own when he hits Hawgfest, the seventh annual classic-rock rally from 103.5 The Fox, on Saturday, July 24. The Fox's two-day event of music and motorcycles in the mountains at Winter Park includes Neil on a bill stacked with hitmakers from long ago. Hawgfest is something of a teaser affair for the upcoming Sturgis Motorcycle Rally; a few of the acts will also appear at that definitive yearly riders' mecca. Neophytes are welcome to attend the fete, and hogs (the more common spelling) aren't actually required for the weekend's concert or camping.

This may be Neil's last performance before his new MTV reality-makeover show, The Remaking of Vince Neil (based on Fox's hit show The Swan), debuts in August. Original fans of Neil's glory days as the "Live Wire" vocalist for the Crüe -- prior to his becoming metal's favorite punchline -- are among those seeking a pre-plastic-surgery peek. The former frontman and his feral L.A. foursome, who emblazoned the Sunset Strip's sound with its steel-toed stomp and pioneered the power ballad, used to make number-one hits instead of tabloid headlines. Routine athletic training and all the other work involved in Neil's MTV-sponsored attempt to mirror his former success should help the Crüe mouthpiece in "Going On With the Show."

See the voice behind the act's new boxed set "Music to Crash Your Car To," when Vince Neil joins a trough of entertainers such as Ratt and Slaughter at Hawgfest this Saturday; then stay through Sunday to see ZZ Top and more.

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