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The chain saw was immortalized by Leatherface in movies about Texas massacres. But credit for sinking its teeth into music belongs solely to the members of Jackyl -- or, more specifically, its power-tool-wielding frontman, onetime Playgirl centerfold Jesse James Dupree. These good ol' boys from the land of Skynyrd carved their trademark sound from Down Under influences and Down South style. Jackyl's self-titled 1992 debut, which featured Dupree's innovative chain-saw solo on "The Lumberjack," spliced traditional metal with Southern-fried boogie, old-school blues and Hank Williams Jr.-style grooves. Dupree and company's tongue-in-cheek attitude -- best exhibited in songs like "She Loves My Cock," a "power-ballad substitute" -- was matched only by their outrageous antics, such as chiseling Jackyl's name into a Longhorn Steakhouse table. That little prank resulted in a million-dollar lawsuit. But the band's most notable achievement to date, playing a hundred shows in fifty days and 21 shows in 24 hours, both Guinness World Records, is evidence that this multi-platinum crew has earned its reputation the hard way -- through hard-core touring. Rock me, roll me, Jackyl me off this Wednesday, August 25, at the Bluebird.
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