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"Look Out Any Window" and you're likely to see someone who's been involved with Bruce Hornsby -- musically, of course. Since Bruce Hornsby and the Range first slipped onto the scene with a melodic montage of medleys, the multi-talented musician has often slid past pop culture's radar. But he's always around -- solid, if not the latest sensation -- collaborating with everyone from Chaka Khan to Bob Dylan, even doing a stint with the Grateful Dead. Without the Range, Hornsby has his own wide range, and is credited on compilation discs of bluegrass and hip-hop as well as softly rolling adult-contemporary songs, sweeping piano pieces and the odd dance-track collection. His long history also includes three Grammy Awards, starting with Best New Artist back in 1986. Detractors may mock his music as too mild, but Hornsby's almost twenty-year streak of successes proves that those gentle, "Mandolin Rain" compositions can be as powerful as lightning-rod rockers. If you find yourself drawn to more mellow sounds as your eardrums age, any faithful fan can tell you that's just "The Way It Is." Bruce Hornsby will show the way again on Tuesday, November 30, at the Paramount Theatre.
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