Review: De La Soul at Cervantes', 10/29/11

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DE LA SOUL at CERVANTES' | 10/29/11

De La Soul brought the noise to Cervantes this past Saturday. There was a notable air of nostalgia for '90s-era hip-hop, and people simply lost their minds when Posdnuos, Dave and Maseo rocked classic tracks like "Me, Myself and I" and "Stakes Is High," cuts that came out decades ago as if they were brand new. In case you wondering, the members of De La Soul are alive and well, and so is the timeless hip-hop they represent.

As the crew hit the stage just after 1:15 a.m., the place erupted. The packed house knew all the words to "Grind Date" "Stakes is High" and a multitude of verses spat by the super emcees. Although Maseo's beard is now charmingly gray, revealing his advancing age, "Pot Holes in My Lawn" sounded refreshingly new and riotous.

The lights were flashing and there were hands in the air during the entire set, giving an almost basement feel to the party, and the De La Soul cats got down, letting the crowd rock "Me, Myself, and I." The audience brought as much energy to the performers as the guys brought to the stage. Classic hip-hop hooliganry was in full effect as the crew delved into the witty wordplay and hilarious skits it is known for. All in all, the members of De La Soul displayed impressive stamina.

By the time De La came on, the crowd was sufficiently hyped thanks to energetic sets Foodchain, Cavem and Black Sheep's Dres, who tore down the house just before De La took the stage, with a solo performance of his group's hottest joints. On tracks like the "Choice Is Yours," in which the entire place was urged to "get all the way low to the ground" for the "Pick it up, pick it up, pick it up!" crescendo, the response was remarkable.

Just before Dres's set, Foodchain rocked the bells, with a set featuring new material. Drummer Alex the GreaTTT got the party started with the live band feel while the crew filed onto the stage. The venue was pretty packed by this point, and the new songs went over really well, along with more familiar joints interspersed throughout the set. DJ Cavem kicked the night off and kept the party rocking with an energetic performance with his Moetavation crew, as folks were filing in dressed in an array of bizarre Halloween costumes.


Personal Bias: De La can do no wrong, in my book. Random Detail: someone was dressed as a glow worm, and he knew every single word to "Potholes In My Lawn." It was hilarious to watch. By the Way: Foodchain's new material from the Brunch project sounds incredible live.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.