Review: Disco Biscuits at Red Rocks, 5/28/11


"Comparing Red Rocks to the Ogden shows is like comparing a Mack Truck to a Tonka. Either the Biscuits were holding out, teasing everyone for the first two nights, or they were just spot on last night."

With two nights at the Ogden Theatre under their belt, the Disco Biscuits took over the stage at the Red Rocks for their third annual Bisco Inferno, and with expectations high, the outfit offered up one hell of a night of music. Living up to their designated headliner status, Disco Biscuits, with their high energy, smooth transitions and great stage chemistry, played the best set of the night -- and of their three-night run in Colorado, hands down.

Starting off with "Highwire" and "Spraypaint," the Biscuits meandered their way through a pair of sets that completely eclipsed the previous two nights of music. Comparing Red Rocks to the Ogden shows is like comparing a Mack Truck to a Tonka. Either the Biscuits were holding out, teasing everyone for the first two nights, or they were just spot on last night. Bisco always boasts a pretty impressive undercard, filled with notably heavy hitters in each of their respective genres, but nobody on this bill brought it nearly as hard as Big Boi.

The Atlanta-based rapper started off his set started with some classic Outkast tracks from albums like ATliens, Aquemeni and Stankonia. Three of the bangers from that last album -- "B.O.B.," "Ms. Jackson," and "So Fresh and So Clean" -- were greeted with mass singalongs, and when "Ghetto Musick" came on, the crowd just lost it. Big Boi's posse pulled a flock of girls up on stage to dance behind him, which was all well and fine until a certain crump-attempting female backed her ass up to nothing, and fell flat on it.

Before Big Boi stole the show, Nicos Gun opened the evening after 5 p.m. with a short set in front of a meager crowd. The Philly-based band, who got picked up by the Biscuits and asked to come along for the ride, brazenly proclaimed that "this venue will one day be filled for us." Emancipator followed Nicos Gun with some fine electronic fiddling and beat mixing. By the time it was finished, the overflowing parking lots of people began to drain into Red Rocks for BoomBox, whose flamboyant guitarist danced and sang behind a boa wrapped microphone stand. Slotting BoomBox between Emancipator and Big Boi made for the perfect segue and mood change.

In between the Disco Biscuits sets, Rusko, who is at the top of his game right now, manned mist-covered controllers and mixers and played it loud and heavy, dropping "Cockney Thug," "Woo Boost," and pulled out a dope sample of Kid Cudi's "Day and Night." Dude was hyped and came out screaming something or another, but thanks to his thick accent, most of whatever he was saying was incomprehensible -- save for some random "yeahs!"


Personal Bias:Love me some Biscuits, but coming from Atlanta and seeing Big Boi on stage at Red Rocks was like nothing else. Complete that with Rusko and you have an unforgettable Bisco.
By the Way: I heard this show sold hardly any tickets compared to last year, but the venue was still nice and thick most of the way up.
Random Detail: At the base of Red Rocks there was a table set up for "Digital Buddhas," which is, evidently, the name given to a group of clean and sober Biscuit fans who are staying strong together while still raging at shows


Disco Biscuits - Bisco Inferno 05.28.11 | Red Rocks Amphitheatre Morrison, CO

SET I Highwire Spraypaint Digital Buddha Cyclone Confrontation Spraypaint

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