Review: Freddie Gibbs at Cervantes', 12/14/11


Freddie Gibbs, sans fellow headliner Fashawn, played to a sparse crowd at Cervantes' Other Side last night. Hitting the stage in front of a crowd warmed up by Diamond Boiz, BLKHRTS and Platt and Beadebe, Gangsta Gibbs took to the stage wearing a white T-shirt, sweatpants and a determined look. His audience, small but mighty, latched onto his rhymes line by line and stayed with him until the end.

Gibbs has been to Denver on several occasions and typically brings a diverse, weed-smoking, hard-rhyme-slinging crowd. To a group of spectators sporting hoodies and hands in the air, Gibbs rocked tunes from Live From Gary, Indiana and Cold Day in Hell, including the Big KRIT-produced "Rob Me a Nigga" and "Twos and Fews."

Gibbs recently signed to Young Jeezy's CTE (Coroporate Thugz Entertainment) imprint, and Jeezy's style and influence is evident on Gibbs's most recent work.The Madlib-infused "Thuggin" went over well with the audience, and Gibbs, despite the last-minute no-show of his co-headliner, Fashawn, gave the audience what they wanted.

The show was intimate and super hip-hop grimy, with Gibbs smoking weed and interacting with the crowd as though the show was merely a house party. His vocals were deep and heavy as he churned through joints like "National Anthem" and "Ghetto," where he poignantly explains where he's from and describes the surroundings in which he was raised.

No word on what happened with Fashawn, but Gangsta Gibbs gave a good show despite it all. Earlier in the evening, Diamond Boiz gave a nice year-end performance of all their collective hits from November Hates Me and Z-Funk Era, the more recent release from Zome. BLKHRTS also performed, minus Karma, who was out with a family emergency. This changed up their set just slightly, as Foe and Yonnas Abraham incorporated their solo tracks -- "Hard," for Yonnas, and "1985," from Foe -- both of which the crowd totally ate up.


Personal Bias: Where the hell was everyone? Even with the Fashawn no-show, as a supporting act, Freddie Gibbs has rocked Denver on several occasions to huge crowds. By the Way: The chaotic choreography from BLKHRTS gets better and better with each show. Random Detail: Dyalekt was sporting some awesome hair last night.

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