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Review: Paper Bird at Hi-Dive, 10/31/11

PAPER BIRD at HI-DIVE | 10/31/11
Paper Bird stomped and harmonized its way through a raucous set last night at the hi-dive. The opening song started slowly, but Paper Bird quickly announced that this wasn't an average show with an effortless and tight cover of TLC's "Waterfalls." While horns blared and guitars plucked, the voices of Sarah Anderson, Genevieve Patterson and Esme Patterson took center stage.

After "Waterfalls," the set weaved through a few songs from Carry On, Paper Bird's collaboration with Ballet Nouveau Colorado. Just before "Lost Boys," Genevieve mentioned that the song had been written during a Halloween after the band had creepily encircled all the folks they could find dressed as Captain Cook or a Lost Boy in Boulder.

The crowd went crazy when the band got to its older material. The third of the audience closest to the stage danced, hard and unironically. Beer was drank out of a cone and the lead singer of opener Princess Music was lifted through the crowd during "Colorado." Yep, someone crowd-surfed at Paper Bird.

Being Halloween, the costumes both on-stage and off, were an extravaganza. The band was dressed as self-described "Satan's BBQ," while those in the audience ranged from Edward Scissorhands to a toga-wearing, homemade beer-bong-wielding girl, vocalist/trumpet referred to as "Frat Party."

The night opened with the Haunted Windchimes, who alternated between an instrumental folk (think Andrew Bird) to Americana to melody-driven straight-up folk, all the while dressed as a scene from a hobo wedding.

After getting delayed by some sound issues, Princess Music took the stage and commanded it. It probably didn't hurt that lead singer and guitarist Tyler Ludwick has the most dedicated on-stage costume of the night, a tight, spandex, leopard print jumpsuit; he was a flower, the leopard was a stem, and the rest of the band were bees.


Personal Bias: What's not to love? Simply put, they're adorable. By the Way:The girl had made the beer bong herself and people were doing them throughout Paper Bird's set. Oh, American ingenuity. Random Detail: As part of the Satan's BBQ costume, there was a grill on stage serving cold Seitan hot dogs to the crowd.

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