Review: Souls of Mischief at City Hall, 1/19/12

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Souls of Mischief @ City Hall | 1/19/12

Following the Ninja Stylez Bboy competition in the main room, Souls of Mischief exploded from behind the stage, tearing into the opening lines of "You Never Knew" with A-Plus casually swayin' behind his all-black shades amidst flawless lyricism. City Hall was all hip-hop last night, complete with local MCs, battling crews and more street art.

Rounding out the Terminal Kings event was yet another show in the main room at City Hall. The daytime events, much like all week, consisted of more mural panels getting finished by Sam Flores, more screen printing from Indy Ink, and the addition of the Ninja Stylez Bboy battle. With a linoleum tile floor in the middle of the room, more than ten crews piled into the venue to battle it out for a cash prize.

In the end, G.W.T took home the gold, but it certainly wasn't by a landslide. Ill Se7en and DJ Cavem were keeping things rocking songs like "Teachers Lounge," rounded out at the end with Cavem reminding everyone that we can, in fact, grow our own food, deliver our own babies and basically become sustainable. Cavem's influence locally is feeding positive energy to the youth with appearances at schools and organizations in Denver.

The Souls of Mischief crew, thought to be coming on at 11 p.m., didn't actually grace the stage until after midnight. The inconvenient location of dance floor had some fans seeming uneasy about getting close to the stage, but once Opio claimed "They say I'm like Bruce Willis...unbreakable," the opening lines of Hieroglyphics "Powers That Be," City Hall pretty much got down and didn't stop vibing to the Cali MCs.

It's definitely a treat to catch hip-hop like this, seeing as Souls is nearing the second decade of its career. It doesn't show a bit, though, and Tajai's massive wing span still owns the stage when he puts the microphone to his lips. Each member still has the power to connect with the crowd. All in all, the room never got too rowdy. The later set, coupled with the dwindling crowd ended up shutting down around 1:30 a.m. or so, and then it was all chilling in the green room and easy listening music to get the crowd out.


Personal Bias:I still chill from '93 til infinity.

Random Detail:Tajai was singing "N*ggas in Paris" during sound check.

By The Way:Souls of Mischief is dope hip-hop crew. Always have been, always will be.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.