RIP Michael "Eyedea" Larsen

Sad news this morning coming out of Minnesota. Over the weekend, City Pages, our sister paper in Minneapolis, reported that Michael Larsen, better known as the underground hip-hop artist Eyedea, passed away. The cause of death of the young rapper, who was just 28 years old, is uncertain at this time.

Eyedea's most notable contribution to the hip-hop world was with his collaboration with Abilites. The duo released three albums on Rhymesayers Entertainment. He also worked with several major players in the scene, including Atmosphere, Blueprint, Aesop Rock and Mr. Dibbs.

Eyedea wasn't just an MC. In 2007, he released a book of poetry. He was also the founder of Crushkill Recordings, which hosted his experimental hip-hop band Abzorbr and his rock band Carbon Carousel. During his time as a musician, he won several battle awards and played in a lot of different genres. He played with a few different forms and types of music, all of which were showcased in various ways in his projects.

His mother has set up a Facebook page for anyone interested in making donations to the family.

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