R.I.P. Nick Dickson

Some terribly sad news to report this afternoon: The Mile High City has lost another beloved member of our local music scene. If you haven't heard yet -- although based on the outpouring of remembrances on his Facebook page today, the news has already reached a great many of you -- Nick Dickson passed away yesterday. Even if you didn't know Nick personally, there's a very good chance that you'd seen him with his trademark dreads at countless shows over the years.

A tireless supporter of the scene, Nick was a seemingly ubiquitous presence at shows for as long as we can remember. A man known as much for his love of music as for his unapologetic and unwavering devotion to those loathsome Raiders (he never missed an opportunity to rub it in when the Broncos got clobbered by the Silver and Black), Dickson will be sorely missed.

"Nick was always a great supporter of the music scene, from booking shows at many clubs to promoting bands, as well as, in more recent years, campaigning the fight for pit bull awareness by putting on the pit-fest shows," says Chris Dellinger of Lola Black. "He put others first and was always trying to do something positive for his friends and local Denver Music. It's hard to believe that someone that did so much for others is gone like this. He will be greatly missed from so many of us that have known him for the past two decades."

No word yet on when or if there will be services for Nick, but we'll keep you posted. In the meantime, our sincere, heartfelt condolences go out to all of Nick's family and friends. Please feel free to share your favorite memories of Nick below.

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