Rock Star Lounge slated to open up in the space at 940 Lincoln in November

Over the last five years or so, the space at 940 Lincoln Street has gone through a number of incarnations, from DC10 to Zen Ultra Lounge to Hunks to Chique, to, most recently, 303 Agency. While the focus has primarily been dance clubs, for the most part, when Rock Star Lounge opens in that space next month, the venue will focus more on live music.

According to Patrick Wilson, one of Rock Star's owners, in addition to focusing on live rock acts, as its name suggests, the club, which is slated to open in November, is planning to delve into country music as well, with programming geared toward "people who live in the city," says Wilson, who spent fifteen years in Nashville.

Specifically, he points out, it will be aimed at those "who like country music but don't like Hee Haw. They don't want peanuts on the floor. They don't want to wear chaps and a cowboy hat.... They want to go out in the city to a chic, hip environment and be able to enjoy the music that they like."

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