Rockstar Aaron releases "Horrible DJ" single

Have you heard? Rockstar Aaron is a horrible DJ. So horrible, even, he made a song about it. Produced by Daniel Hyatt, Aaron's debut single "Horrible DJ," released yesterday, is meant to be tongue-in-cheek but also to start a conversation among those who might not know the brightly colored DJ. Horrible? Hardly. We caught up with Aaron for the latest happenings on the track and to get in on the inside joke.

Westword: The title "Horrible DJ" is incredibly tongue-in-cheek, especially for those who are familiar with your style of deejaying. What's the deal with the new single?

Rockstar Aaron: It's sort of a song that merges parody and pop and therapy, almost. I've wanted to do an autobiographical career song that has a sarcastic take on what I do. There's a lot of times when I do play to an empty room and a lot of times when I'll go out to other places and people will say, 'Are you deejaying somewhere tonight?' It's like, if I were, you'd be there, right? Maybe people aren't there because I'm such a horrible DJ.

So it's more of an inside joke than a jab at yourself, obviously.

Exactly. It's a conversation-starter, as well. If you think of the most successful people ever, they have big negatives. The only person you don't hear anything negative about is Dolly Parton. Even Lady Gaga, people talk about how much of a perfectionist she is. Madonna is demanding, and Perez Hilton, even, a blogger -- he's popular because of negative stuff. Not that I want to be negative, but it will jolt people to check into the persona.

Who is Daniel Hyatt, the guy who produced the track?

Daniel Hyatt is a local DJ with a lot of experience in audio production. He helped in rearranging some of the track lyrics. He produced the song and put all the beats together, and I basically sing over it.

Are you going to be singing more now?

We'll see what kind of response I get. It's so much work. I came up in an on-demand world, and when I want something done, I want it right away. Making a song takes so much time. There is a video coming out in about a week with my photographer Norman Dillon who put together the whole thing.

You're having a series of release parties for the single as well as making it available for download on iTunes. Where will you be partying?

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It's not really a series so much as I'll be playing the single at my regular gigs with a special live performance in Colorado Springs. Honey Thursdays at Sushi Hai's Hai Bar is a new night I have, and that's the official release party. I'll also play the single at Bar Car, a happy-hour gig I play in Denver. I'll be performing the track at Bubbles Nightclub in Colorado Springs. I have more information on my website: www.rockstaraaron.com.

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