Roger Daltrey to perform Tommy at 1STBANK Center on October 16

Quick: Name the most iconic albums of the classic rock era... Uh, let's see..

Dark Side of the Moon

? Check.

Born to Run

? Uh, yeah.

Led Zeppelin IV

? Of course.


? Duh!

Sticky Fingers

? Totally. Who's Next?


? Yes and yes! Where are you going with this anyway?

What are the chances of ever seeing any of those performed in their entirety? Well, with the exception of the first two, we'd say about as good as Melo ever coming back (or being welcomed back, for that matter) to the Nuggets. That was, of course, before we received word this morning that Roger Daltrey will be performing Tommy and other classics from The Who at the 1STBANK Center on Sunday, October 16.

Alright, so who wants to camp out with us? Oh, wait, we don't really need to do that anymore, do we? Our bad. Tickets for what this show, which is sure to be a momentous event, go on sale next Friday, May 20 at 10 a.m. on TicketHorse.com.

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