Roger Green's CD-release show at the Meadowlark on Thursday, May 19

When it comes to metaphors and posters, we like things that are easy to understand and relatively simple. That said, we're not sure exactly how we're supposed to feel about this image of a seemingly diseased heart and lungs, but it's so damn fitting for Roger Green's style of Americana-melancholia that we'll let it slide.

The poster is in the same design as the album cover for Green's Harder to Tell, whose release will be celebrated May 19. Designed by Melissa Rick, it's fitting as both a poster and an album cover, looking somewhat like something that would happen if a designer decided to lay out a poster while watching Seven on repeat. It's dark, brooding, curious -- but it's not particularly scary. You can actually expect about the same from Green's music, though it has little in common with Seven.

If you wanted to get all deep and make up random things about a poster's narrative, you most certainly could with this one. Are the bands going to be baring their souls? Is the theme of Harder to Tell somehow related to the image? Or is it just a cool-looking picture that's supposed to strike a small amount of fear and a bit of curiosity in a passerby? We'd venture it's probably the latter, but we'd be totally okay if it was those other things, too.
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Thorin Klosowski
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