The debut album from Saskatoon, which features Paul DeHaven (Paper Bird, Eye and the Arrow) and Jess Webb, has an almost utilitarian quality — and that's not a bad thing. The tranquil sentimentality and subtle psychedelia of these stretched-out instrumentals would be a nice accompaniment to a languid yoga session or a puzzles-by-the-fire autumn night. And while many of the tracks stretch past eight minutes, Saskatoon does contain some variety, especially on "It Shines by Itself," with its attention-grabbing backward loops and effects, and "This Is a Fruit," which delivers an upbeat piano/clap rhythm that almost distracts from the album's pastoral tone but ultimately maintains it as it cycles around in a hypnotic loop. Fans of Jon Brion or Denver's own Roger Green will enjoy this new outfit's ability to conjure experimental yet accessible melodies that humbly seduce with a narcotic buzz.


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