Savoy promo vid captures the act's appeal

If you haven't got on the Savoy bandwagon yet, perhaps the video embedded above will help you make the jump. As we told you in our recent feature on the act, this is an electronic dance act with the soul of a rock band -- and the show to go with it.

If you caught the group at Monolith, you already knew that. But maybe you haven't been convinced to go out and see it live by our story, the band's rep or its three banging electro releases. Perhaps you were sure it was all hype and you'd get little more than the typical "dudes with laptops" noodling on stage and a bunch of too-cool-for-school types standing around with arms folded, barely swaying. Well, the video doesn't lie. A room packed full of kids going nuts, boozing and stage diving in finest rock tradition, all soundtracked by banging electro sleaze. Good stuff.

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