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Say Hi to Your Mom

Eric Elbogen doesn't know my mother. And after listening to Ferocious Mopes, his third CD under the name Say Hi to Your Mom, I'm not sure I'd even introduce them. First of all, at 23, he's way too young for her. Plus, she's really not into whiners -- trust me. Thankfully, though, Elbogen filters his self-deprecating snivel through clever, cute bursts of indie pop. Although Mopes was recorded all by Elbogen's lonesome in his Brooklyn bedroom, on stage the tunes are fleshed out by a full band (such as on recent tours alongside Nada Surf and Denver's own Dressy Bessy). With songs awash in starry-eyed guitars, swooshing synthesizers and gooey melodies, Say Hi sounds absolutely nothing like the Doobie Brothers. Nope, definitely not my mom's type at all. Maybe if I had a sassy little sister into Death Cab, I'd invite Elbogen over to the house to watch The OC and eat ice cream with her. But he'd have to keep his mitts to himself.
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Jason Heller
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