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Scratching the Surface

When it comes to straight-up mixing -- the most essential element in any DJ's toolbox -- there are few DJs who can hold a candle to the U.K.'s Mampi Swift. Swift has been sitting pretty as one of the top drum-and-bass DJs and producers since his days at the now-legendary Kool FM pirate radio show in the early '90s alongside MC Navigator and DJ Brockie. It was there that he developed his razor-sharp style of mixing, which caught the ear of some of the most influential DJs on that scene, resulting in gigs at major events such as the U.K.'s Jungle Fever. As a producer, Swift has one of the most unique styles around, which he attributes to his trial-and-error work habits. Simple, catchy beats and bass lines help his tracks stand out from the rest and give dance music an oft-neglected element: personality. Catch Swift this Thursday, August 5, at the Church, where he'll help D.ecco and Fury kick off their new residency.
--Timothy Pittz
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Timothy Pittz