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When electronic music was first gaining a foothold in America in the early '90s, Denver's Eric Galavis, or DJ Hipp-E, was at the forefront of the movement, throwing raves and deejaying as part of the Energy Posse and A&E Productions. Hipp-E essentially put Denver on the map. Now based in San Diego, where he's busy raising his newborn twins, Zavie'r and Zoe, he's still pushing the beats in new directions and maintains a hectic schedule in the house-music world. His work as the H-Foundation with onetime partner Halo brought major attention his way as a producer, and it sold like crazy worldwide. Since splitting with Halo, Hipp-E has established three very successful independent labels -- Nightshift, Detour and Tango -- with new partner Tony Hewitt. Hipp-E's also producing tracks for other heavy-hitting house labels, such as the U.K.'s NRK and Soma -- which will release his forthcoming solo LP. Still very much a DJ at heart, Hipp-E will spend much of September on tour in Australia, Bali, Jakarta and Korea in addition to tending to his residency at London's Fabric in October. But before he breaks out his passport, Denver's favorite prodigal son is returning for one night at Club Rise this Sunday, August 15. There he'll throw down a house set that'll no doubt add to his legacy in the Colorado electronic scene.
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Timothy Pittz