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In 2001, John Digweed was voted the number-one DJ in the world by DJ Magazine, a periodical with a reputation for being an accurate barometer of what's going on in electronic music worldwide. He has also maintained a spot within the top ten for more than a decade alongside the likes of Carl Cox, Sasha and Paul Van Dyke. He's among the most admired DJs on the scene, an assertion exemplified during a brief cameo in the movie Groove, in which an aspiring DJ all but falls at Digweed's feet when he shows up to spin at a rave. His involvement in dance music began when he was fifteen years old, spinning records at raves in Hastings, England, during the acid-house heyday of the late '80s. As the music splintered at the dawn of the '90s, Digweed favored the sounds of trance and progressive house, which led to a partnership with Sasha. As a duo, Sasha and Digweed's names became synonymous with trance, and their mix CDs Renaissance and the Northern Exposure series sold millions of copies worldwide. The two also became the first DJs from across the pond to hold a stateside residency, spinning at the famed NYC club Twilo in the late '90s. Under the moniker Bedrock, which is also the name of his record label, Digweed has produced more than a few classic tracks, one of which was featured in the film Trainspotting. That track, "For What You Dream of," became his biggest hit, entering the U.K.'s Top 40. Digweed makes his first-ever appearance at the Church this Thursday, September 2. Dig it.
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Timothy Pittz