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Tall Paul broke into London's club scene in 1987 at the age of sixteen, playing house sets at Turnmills, which was owned by his father. When Turnmills became the first club in the city to obtain a 24-hour music and dancing license, Paul took over Saturday nights. It was a primarily gay night, and he found himself playing harder-edged sets, something unusual for that club and that scene. But the gamble paid off, and he gained a respectful following and garnered bookings all over the U.K. at the height of the rave explosion. As the scene grew worldwide, demand for Paul's DJ skills grew as well. Playing everywhere from Japan to South Africa, he quickly developed a signature style and soon caught the ear of the massive Ministry of Sound, which released his Dance Nation and Ibiza Annual series of DJ mix comps. Paul's production talents on tunes like "Let Me Show You" and "Train of Thought," which both cracked the U.K. Top 40, led to loads of remix work for artists such as the Stone Roses, New Order, Blondie and Duran Duran. In 1998 he was voted the number-one DJ in the world by Muzik Magazine, a spot that Sasha, Digweed and Carl Cox have also shared. Tall Paul is due at the Church this Thursday, September 16; at a towering 6'6", he should be pretty easy to pick out of the crowd.
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