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Scratching the Surface

San Francisco's DJ Dan was at the forefront of L.A.'s burgeoning rave scene in the early '90s. Originally a techno DJ, Dan began incorporating elements of hip-hop and funk into his mix after becoming a member of the West Coast's Funky Techno Tribe. A major player in the mid-'90s breakbeat explosion thanks to massively popular tracks like "Loose Caboose," Dan was the man to watch. By decade's end, he and his playlists were hugely influential, and he headlined events from coast to coast on a weekly basis. Although many of his rave peers have since fallen off, he's stayed relevant and vital by releasing kick-ass mix CDs such as Round Trip and Mixed Live along with original tracks and remixes on the Moonshine imprint. DJ Dan returns to Denver for a set at the Church this Thursday, May 26.
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Timothy Pittz