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Secret Society of Sound

On the cool kids' calendar, Tuesday has been pretty dead. It's been the night of the week to stay in and update blogs and take self-portraits with the digital camera. But then some surveyors of the scene realized that all that free time was being wasted. "People are used to having a night off," says DJ Michael< Trundle. "But they don't need it. We're young!" So Trundle joined forces with DJs Peter Black and Clay Meador to create a weekly, down-low, electro-trash blowout dubbed the Secret Society of Sound.

Yeah, push that hair out of your eyes, hipster, you read right: Every Tuesday at the Meadowlark (2701 Larimer Street), the brawns behind Denver 3 (you know, the Lipgloss guys), Rockstars Are Dead and White Girl Lust now get together to kick out the jams. "The rock kids will say we're doing techno, and the techno kids will say we're doing rock," Black muses. "But the kids that like music will love it."

Both Trundle and Black stress that these Tuesday events have a low level of elitism. "Our crowd," Trundle explains, "is really into fucking good music." And he's right.

The Meadowlark, a non-smoking basement bar just a couple of doors down from the Larimer Lounge, caps out at 75, but the tiny space was far from packed at the inaugural SSS gathering two weeks ago. Still, the faces lined up at the bar were familiar, and the IDs read like a checklist of local scene agitators. The Polarity Twins were there, as was visual jockey dBom; hip-hop DJ Musa popped in and out, and psych-rocker Scott Bagus from Moccasin poured drinks for everybody. "We feel that it's important at this juncture to cross over crowds," Black says. "We're not going to change anything in Denver if everyone is seeing each other at the same places every night."

Besides, any event that can break out into a Godspeed You! Black Emperor tune is a night worth visiting again and again. For more information, go to or, or pick up the phone and call 303-293-0251.

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Tuyet Nguyen