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Plenty of Discovery Channel viewers cried foul a few months ago when the cable network aired a bogus documentary about a prehistoric shark called the Megalodon. But that little piece of on-air fiction for "Shark Week" proved more inspirational than frustrating for FaceMan's uni-monikered frontman, Steve. Inspired by the idea that a giant prehistoric beast still hunts the waters, he envisioned making the massive sea monster part of his band's show.

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From conception to realization: Tomorrow night at Lost Lake, FaceMan is set to perform from the mouth of a nine-foot-high shark built of wood and cardboard. The shark, which is set to take up the brunt of Lost Lake's back room, was brought to life by Justin Hicks, Katie Webster and Keli Sequoia of Incite Productions, who also work as carpenters and set designers for Denver Center for the Performing Arts.

"Justin said, 'Look, we just want to build stuff all day long,'" Steve recalls. "We don't necessarily sit around and think of what to build. We want to work with people who have creative ideas and get those ideas across the finish line. I feel like we sit around all day with ideas that don't get done."

As a bandleader and musician, FaceMan is no stranger to ambitious projects. Past feats have included building a three-ring circus show at 3 Kings, as well as the annual "First Waltz" concert event that features dozens of Denver musicians. The idea for the giant Megalodon was all about finding a stage that perfectly fit the mood and feel of Lost Lake.

"We're trying to do events that match venues," he points out, adding that the band settled on the Megalodon before toying with building a Loch Ness monster. "It's kind of part of a broader strategy that we're doing. We try to do these themed events. It's not performance art, really. We're just trying to do what any other act would do with a huge budget."

Thanks to the dedication and expert design work of the crew from the Denver Center, as well as input from artist and photographer Scott McCormick, the set only ended up costing around $200. "I think this is just our attempt to build a reputation for bringing a high level of effort into the room when we play," says Steve.

That effort includes assembling an all-star lineup for Friday's show. Just like FaceMan's massive "Last Waltz" shows, the Lost Lake gig is set to feature some familiar faces from the scene. Face to Bass features the former bass players of Achille Lauro and the Vitamins, and Lucas Johannes of Action Packed Thrill Ride and Hindershot fame will be spinning records for the gig. FaceMan is hoping all of that experience and skill will be even more impressive from inside the maw of a prehistoric beast.

"It's going to absolutely devour the room," Steve promises. "No pun intended. Everyone's going to be playing in this shark; we're going to have all kinds of lights and smoke."

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.