See Mogwai's Burning tonight at the Bluebird Theater. It's the next best thing to being there

Renowned Scottish post-rock band Mogwai played a sold out, three-day residency at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, New York in April 2009. Filmmakers Vincent Moon and Nathanael Le Scouarnec were on hand to capture the finest moments of that residency in stark but emotive black and white.

The band's deeply layered and expansive sound was captured with breathtaking clarity, and Moon and Le Scouarnec's editing highlighted the intensity and conviction of the band on stage, as well as the rapt attention and ecstatic engagement of the fans.

A chance to see Burning on the big screen tonight at the Bluebird Theater with concert sound is the next best thing to having actually been at one of those three nights in Brooklyn.

Clocking in at around 47 minutes, including songs spanning the band's entire career, Burning is an appropriately titled document of a time and place. From the opening strains of "The Precipice" to "Batcat," this is one concert film that never loses momentum.

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