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Shhh! Prince held court at Lannie's Clocktower Cabaret when he was in town last week

So last week, as all of the gear was being broken down and loaded out after his unprecedented two-day, four-show run, Prince had a super-duper, triple secret after party at Lannie's Clocktower Cabaret. It was so secret, in fact, that Becky Toma, who handles promotions and marketing at the club, didn't even know about it. Hell, the only reason Lannie herself is even speaking to me about it now is because the cat has officially been let out of the bag.

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But even at that, beyond confirming that Prince was indeed at the club, Lannie won't dish any dirt. She's not even remotely interested in compromising the Purple One's privacy. "I just want to try to stay as respectful as possible," says Lannie, apologetically, revealing only that the hotel where Prince was staying at pointed him in her direction. "If other guests want to use our place, I just want them to know that they can trust us."

Not that there's any real "dirt" here to dish anyway. From the sounds of it, it was a pretty tame party. Only one waitress and bartender were on hand -- Prince isn't a drinker (which helps account for why the 55-year-old man still looks so young), and his crew doesn't really imbibe either, evidently.

Jon Bream, a writer for the Star Tribune in Minneapolis that has covered Prince since the very beginning of his career, was literally presented with the opportunity to fly to Denver at the last minute last Monday for the late show at the Ogden Theatre, after which he was granted a rare audience with Prince himself.


An hour later he entered Lannie's Clocktower Cabaret, a downtown burlesque club. The Purple One was in turquoise, with glittery gold boots, a rhinestone-encrusted cane and a gold bib necklace. His round sunglasses were folded on the necklace and a two-finger ring featuring a giant eye (turquoise, of course) covered his right hand. His fluffy Afro obscured any earrings, but not the guyliner and makeup he's worn for years.

Naturally, there are no pictures to accompany the write-up, and Bream wasn't able to record the conversation, but he does a good job of recounting the evening in his piece, mentioning how Prince showed up sometime after 4 a.m. and stayed until sometime around 6:20 a.m.

Beyond indulging our inner voyeur, Bream offers a few choice tidbits about Prince's stay in Denver, like how he extended the intro interlude of one of his songs at the Ogden last Monday because he blanked on the lyrics, and Prince likewise revealed that he uses a teleprompter to assist with his lyrics, and how he and the whole crew attended a private 2:15 a.m. screening of Iron Man.

Bream evidently caught wind of that last bit from the limo driver who chauffeured Prince around the Mile High City. It's an interesting piece -- definitely worth checking out. And props to Lannie for keeping a secret that must've been absolutely impossible to keep. Reminds me of that episode of Happy Days when Flash Cadillac was staying with the Cunninghams, who were sworn to secrecy. God knows I would've been bursting -- as Lannie clearly was. Somehow, though, she managed to contain herself.

"PRINCE was at our club!" Lannie marvels now that the secret is out. "He sat in our chairs and walked on our carpet! His lips touched our water glass...His high heels walked on our stage!"

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