Showcase crowd goes bananas for Dada Life!

Denver, are you guys ready to go fucking bananas?

That's a silly question, Dada Life. Of course we are. And we did. No really. Straight bananas! During the act's closing set at the Westword Music Showcase Saturday night, those crazy Swedes had friends of ours -- typically reserved cats, prim and proper and all that, not generally known for, you know, going bananas and what have you -- completely losing their shit. We're talking jumping up and down, waving their hands up in the air, waving them around like they just didn't care. It was awesome!

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And you can hardly blame them. In the history of Showcase -- and this is saying a lot, considering we've had Ghostland Observatory, Chromeo and Girl Talk in that slot in recent years -- Dada Life put on the best closing set ever. We can't remember seeing so many smiling faces. See some highlights below, and then check out all the rest of the pictures from Saturday if you haven't already, and also keep it locked on the blog today for more coverage from the best Showcase yet!

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