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Sing like John Mayer, win fabulous prizes

Do you work out the pipes in the shower singing your favorite John Mayer tunes? Are you known for your wicked karaoke version of "Half of My Heart"? Or maybe your friends are always telling how you much you sound just like everyone's second favorite Mayer (after Oscar, of course)? Well, friend, your chance at fame and fortune awaits in the Sing Like John Mayer contest!

The cleverly named competition pits you against local talent in a shot at a fabulous prize pack that includes a signed guitar, a ticket to Mayer's Red Rocks show on September 1 and a $200 gift certificate to Rodizio Grill. It also earns you a shot at winning the big prize -- a pair of front-row tickets delivered by Mayer himself, a dressing room backstage at the show and a meet-and-greet with his record company executives.

To get a shot at this slew of wonderfulness, you'll need to download one of the karaoke version of his songs from the official contest website, video yourself doing your best Mayer impression and upload it to the contest website. Then your friends vote, which has no actual effect other than revealing to your friends you are a John Mayer fan, and a panel of local judges (including Westword favorite John Common!) will determine who is the most Mayer ever (apart from Mayer himself, who is presumably not eligible to play).

And don't worry, this is only a contest to sing like Mayer. No one is going to ask you to give borderline racist and/or pornographic interviews (we think). So how about it? Anyone up for a little Mayeraoke?

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