Snake Rattle Rattle Snake rings in the New Year with one of the best posters of the year

We see a lot of posters throughout the year, and many of them are stellar. This usually all comes to a head on New Years Eve, when venues pull out all the stops and unleash a ton of kickass posters. We haven't seen many, however, that have come even close to this absolutely incredible Snake Rattle Rattle Snake hand silk-screened beauty.

The print is by Joe Triscari, the man who once handled the mike for Autokinoton and now deals prints through Moon Light Speed Press. Not only is it massive, it's also one of the most lush, bright and eye-grabbing images we've seen this year. It's so lovely we had to show off the actual silk-screened image below (lifted from the band's Facebook page).

From the hand done typography to rather bizarre image of a woman hovering over a demon monster with an owl watching, everything about this sucker screams awesome. It's clearly a homage to the classic silk screened posters of days gone by, but the updated visuals provide a great representation of all the bands involved.

The prints will be available for purchase at the show in two different color configurations. A limited run of twenty will have a slight color variation, and the remainder will have the look of the ones you see below. The show itself will be about as kickass as you'd expect, with Snake Rattle Rattle Snake ringing in a new year with Kingdom of Magic and Crystal Mouse Collection, a new band featuring members from Matson Jones.

We'd recommend getting down to the show early if you want to snag one of the prints. You'll probably also want to carry it back home right away so you don't get ruin it dancing and getting drunk.

Click through for digital version.

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