Sneak a peek at Vitamin D's Hard Times

Longtime Denver dance music stalwart Vitamin D has a new album coming February 24 and, from the sounds of the tracks he has posted on his MySpace, it should be a good one. He announced it back in July and today, he released this image of the album cover. Not sure if this is the final art or not, but as a fan and collector of vintage vinyl, I certainly hope it is. It fits the music within too, which clearly pulls samples and ambiance off an album or two with a cover just like this one. Plus, it got me to go and give a hard listen to what will be inside (which is great, by the way), and isn't that exactly what an album cover is supposed to do? Have a listen for yourself at Vitamin D's MySpace page.
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Cory Casciato is a Denver-based writer with a passion for the geeky, from old science fiction movies to brand-new video games.
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