Concert Reviews

Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa at Red Rocks on Colorado's first legal 4/20

The most superfluous smoke machine in the world was employed during Wiz Khalifa's 4/20 set at Red Rocks. Partway through the Pittsburgh rapper's performance, someone backstage turned on the thing, and its output was immediately subsumed into the cloud of pot smoke cascading down from the stands.

There's weed at every Red Rocks concert, but once the rain cleared out on Sunday, the smoke blanketed the venue, blowing out over the sandstone fins that flank the stage. Unlike at the rally at Civic Center Park or the Cannabis Cup, politics and legalization barely touched the first recreational 4/20 at the venue. Instead, Snoop's Wellness Retreat stayed firmly focused on the party, and the canon of glorifying narratives that rap has built around it over the years.

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