So What! reunion slated for May at Beauty Bar

Psst! We just heard from a little birdy that So What! is having a reunion. What is SoWhat!, you ask? Only one of the most popular, longest-running, progressive, influential nights in town. Not to mention resilient. Let's talk about resiliency. Think the Solution has thrived despite enduring its share of venue changes over the years? So What! kept going strong every Tuesday from the time DJ K:nee launched the night in 1992 as "An Evening of Acid Jazz" at City Spirit with DJ L7Square on through a string of moves from 9th Avenue West (now La Rumba) to A-Bar and Rock Island to Rise, before finally coming to rest at Lotus in 2006.

Anyhow, we hear there's a So What! reunion going down on Friday, May 20, at Beauty Bar. Let's just say we have it on good authority. Ahem, the birdy who tweeted in our ear is none other than our own DJ Big Styles, who helmed the ridiculously influential night for years with DJ K:nee and DJ Aztec, whom you now know as Peter Black of Analog Space -- a cat who's always had the drop. Styles joined (and helped name) the party in 1993, and Black, who had been putting out his own Hard Bop 'zine and throwing blockbuster basement parties in Capitol Hill, joined the following year.

Not exactly a one-off, So What's reunion will feature the original crew at Beauty Bar on Friday, May 20, and they'll return on Monday, June 20, to revive the once-popular and highly anticipated Wonderful party, celebrating the life and music of one Mr. Stevie Wonder. Follow So What! the club on Facebook to get the latest updates.

So What! The Club: The Classics Volume 2 by DJ Big Styles

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Dave Herrera
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