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Soilent Green

Listening to New Orleans's Soilent Green is like being dragged along the bottom of the Mississippi by a speedboat driven by a chain-smoking, velvet-clad demon. At almost inconceivable velocity, the sludge of Scott Crochet's furious bass and Brian Patton's detuned guitars gushes into your nostrils, ears and mouth, while the gravel of Louis Falgoust's vocals and the filthy catfish of Tommy Buckley's pugilistic drumming fill every other orifice. With allegiance to no particular flavor of metal, the boat swerves erratically from thrash to death metal, prog to punk. And just when you think you're done for, your tormentor lets off on the accelerator long enough to light another kerosene-soaked cigarette with his cloven hoof. As you float limply to the surface, you hear a military marching band or a swinging lounge act. A graceful and nimble bass solo skitters across the water, and for a moment, there's hope. Then the demon -- sunlight glinting off his fangs -- flicks his guttering match at you, places his hoof deliberately on the gas pedal, and the onslaught resumes.
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Eryc Eyl
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