Sole drops a new video for "White Rage"

Remember that open video shoot for Sole's music video we told you about two weeks ago? Well, now you can see the results. He just threw up his first self-produced video, "White Rage," a part of a series of songs meant as an experiment of rap as journalism. The video was filmed right in front of the capitol building, with plenty of shots of downtown to make you feel famous while you're watching it.

True to his word and his intention, this video was released immediately after it was finished and as quickly as possible. Considering that the clip is a budget video made on a time crunch by a first time producer, it's surprisingly well conceived. Just like his last venture into the same realm, "Generation Hot," which copped its beat from a Wiz Khalifa song, "White Rage," snatches up its background from Clipse's "Popular Demand." It's not so much about the music as it is the lyrics, of course, and the quickest way to distribute a song is to hijack a radio hit and repurpose it for different ends.

The video ends with a sermon/rant from co-songwriter Evangelist J.B. Best (better known as Pedestrian) talking about the shooting of Gabrielle Gifford. It's all about as heady as you'd expect from a project with a goal like this one, but watching it is certainly a worthwhile way to spend a few minutes of your time, as it's always nice to see local artists kicking the hornets nest now and again.

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